Father’s Day DIY

Celebrate dad with these great DIY gifts – free downloads included!

Father’s Day is just around the corner and why not celebrate dad with a handmade gift that he’ll actually use?!


When I think about my dad, I have fond memories of him grilling burgers on the weekends – every weekend. My dad loves to grill.

And Father’s Day happens to be at the start of summer – so why not make this awesome apron for the Grill Mater in your life?


Embrace your dad’s hobbies with a custom t-shirt. My dad (and Matt) loves to fish and play golf – a great way to showcase your dad’s interests!


Father’s day wouldn’t be complete with a heart warming card. Let dad know that he’s the best with this great card.

How To

Download the .pdf and start crafting:


  1. Upload the images into your Cricut Design Studio
  2. Cut any image out of paper, iron-on (as seem above), or make vinyl stickers

Fabric Paint/Cut-Out

  1. Print out the attachment
  2. Use the images as-is or:
  3. Using thick paper – cut trace and cut out of images using an exacto knife.
  4. From here – you can use fabric paint to add the images to the shirts/aprons

This tutorial will give you more details!

Here is are the free printables!

The rad dads in your life will love these DIYs!

xo love kim


2 responses to “Father’s Day DIY”

  1. Amber Avatar

    Cute ideas.
    Shout out to your model for chilling and grilling. 🍴

    1. xolovekim Avatar

      Haha – thanks so much! Hope you have fun making them!

      And I will definitely let my model know he’s working it.

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