New House Updates

Hello friends!

We have 2 days left until we move in time is flying by! Matt and I have been very busy with our remodel/renovations (I’m so excited to share the before and after pictures of our #hallmarkhouse with you all) and packing.

I wanted to share what’s been happening this week, long story short: a lot.


Our kitchen floor was in rough shape. It was scratched up wood that didn’t match the rest of the house. Obviously the kitchen is high traffic and we love to cook, so we decided to upgrade to tile.

I’ll be posting pictures and the steps we took to complete this soon! It only took 3 days, which isn’t bad and more importantly – it’s done!


Painting is still the worst. Just in case you missed my painting post, check it out here. Here’s where we are:

  • Living room painted – but the color went from a deep grey/green/blue to sky blue
  • Sun room painted
  • Dining room painted
  • Kitchen painted (now with a white ceiling!)
  • Bedrooms all painted

Not bad, but the trim and crown needs to be painted on all of these rooms, the hallway/entry way needs to be painted, and the bathrooms are a future project!

The trim is definitely the highest priority before we move in. We can definitely tackle that in 2 days. I hope.


When you set out to pack, you never truly realize how much stuff you actually have. I’ve lived in the same house (off and on) for the last 20 years, and still cannot believe how much stuff I have.

We have boxes and bins packed and scattered all over the house and garage. I have small paths and still more to pack. I’ve learned a lot from this packing experience and will definitely be sharing my tips and tricks. Hint: garage sales are crucial.

As a part of packing, we are also purging some furniture and fortunately, my nephew and his fiance just moved into a new apartment. They have graciously accepted some furniture, and picked up a couch yesterday (making more room for boxes).

Full transparency, that’s when it hit me. I cried (wailed) because this is happening, and my childhood home is getting sold and my parents are moving to Florida permanently. It’s happening and when you realize that, it hits you like a ton of bricks in the chest.

But it’s time to move on. As my mom often says, “you get five minutes a week to feel sorry for yourself. Pull your big girl pants on and move on.”

You’re right, mom. Again.


I have saved the best for last. Or, I should say the funniest for last. We received our first hate mail and have upset our new neighbors (we haven’t even moved in).

Yesterday, when we arrived at the new house I checked the mail only to find a handwritten letter addressed to “neighbors.” I opened the envelope to find a handwritten letter.

Now, as you know: we’ve been working tirelessly to get our house ready to move in. Unfortunately, this means that we’ve had to work every weekend and didn’t have an opportunity to spend Easter with our families in the traditional sense. I should also mention that Matt’s dad has generously been helping with our projects.

Here’s the letter:


Thank you for ruining our Religious Holiday (Easter) – you had some idiot (who thinks he’s a contractor) cutting wood or tile on this Holiday – when we had guests over

If you have no respect for this neighborhood or its neighbors move out and find a place with anchorage – that way you can saw or have booze parties whatever and your neighbors won’t hear your B.S.

Ever Sunday is a day of Religion or are you atheists that don’t believe in Sunday?

Yes – you read that right. I was floored and offended. Of course, I would never want to ruin anyone’s holiday, but why not come over and speak to us?

How are we going to handle this nasty letter? Aside from getting a security system and binge watching “Fear Thy Neighbor” – I’m going to be nice and polite and introduce myself with a plate of cookies, like I will with all of our neighbors.

What a Week!

I hope you enjoyed my updates – I’ll be sharing the before and after soon! In the mean time, have a beer or a cookie or both for me!

xo love kim


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