When you buy a new home – you have an opportunity to add your own style and make minor improvements. For instance, you may have a few rooms that you want to throw a fresh coat of paint on. In our case, the more time we spent in the house; we realized that the few rooms actually translated into the entire house.

That’ right – all 2,211 sq feet. That’s a lot of paint.

Step One: Decide on Your Palette

Painting your walls a fresh new color can completely transform a room. It’s important to go with something more neutral, with some accents and make sure your personal style is reflected.

I was put in charge, which was very exciting.

Here’s the color scheme:

  1. Living Room: Grey hues
  2. Dining Room/Kitchen: Green and tab hues
  3. Master: Purple and light grey hues
  4. Office/Guest Room: Grey hues

Before you say too much grey, and close this page – trust me – it brightens up the entire house. Stick with me!

Step Two: Buying Paint

Woo! You picked out your paint colors. Now – let’s get to buying it:

  1. Paint is expensive
    1. Check your local hardware stores for sales
  2. Determine how much paint you will need
    1. Here’s a helpful calculator that will help
    2. You will probably end of buying more
  3. Remember that your ceiling should always be white
  4. Grab all of your supplies (rollers, brushes, tape)
  5. Determine the type of paint to buy
    1. Here’s a help guide to buy the right type of paint for the project

Step Three: Prep

Prepping for painting is the absolute worst, but absolutely necessary.

  1. Remove nails and patch/sand the holes
  2. Clean
  3. If there are weird gaps, caulk
  4. Remove outlet plates
  5. Tape and protect your floors as much as possible
    1. We have a lot of hardwood that needed protection
    2. If using tape – make sure to remove the tape prior to the paint drying

Step Four: Paint

Start from the top and work your way down. You will want to paint your ceiling (white, of course) first, move to your walls, and finish with the molding. Be prepared for second and possible third (I’ve experienced the dreaded 4) coats.

Final Thoughts

Painting is work and it’s awful and I hate it. But it’s worth it. Try to have fun and do a good job. If you miss a weird spot, it will haunt you for years.

We’re half way through the house, I’m excited to share the big reveal! And to be done painting.

xo love kim


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