We’re Buying a House: Phase Four: The Realtor

Ugh… Who wouldn’t want these two as your realtors? And yes… I say it REAL-A-TOR.

Finding a realtor is one of the more important steps in the home buying process. Everyone you know – knows someone. And wants you to go with their guy. But – one size, my friends, does not fit all.

Open Houses

We started our process by going to open houses. Open houses are like speed dating realtors. You’re in and out with no commitment, and if you’re lucky… You’ll make a connection.

We didn’t.

We only went to two open houses, the first: the real-estate agent didn’t speak to us and the second: the agent was talking poorly about competitors. Needless to say – it wasn’t going well.

Finding the One

We went through Internet searches, family recommendations, and finally asked our mortgage broker for suggestions. He gave us two business cards and only one agent called us back (I was starting to think it was us).

Regardless, we met this agent over drinks and got to know him and his background. We meshed. We found our agent!

My Advice

Honestly, there’s no magic bullet or method on finding an agent. And honestly, our tale wasn’t that magical – but it worked for us.

The key to finding your agent:

  • Make sure your agent fits your personality – you don’t want to get irritated when they talk
  • Can you be honest and talk to your agent?
  • This person is working for you – and for your best interest – you have to trust them
  • Check their availability: you’re going to have questions and you’ll want quick responses in this process


Remember – this is a big decision and you want a good team. Ask all of the questions before hiring your agent. I found this article that provides some great questions to get you started.

Good luck and happy house hunting!

xo love kim


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