Golden Girls Party

I have been a huge fan of the Golden Girls since forever. I would watch it with my parents when I was younger, and continue to do so now. I’ll be the first to argue that it’s still relevant to this day: politics, health care, education, and immigration. It’s timeless really.

Well, right in time for Galentine’s Day – you can celebrate your squad with the OG Gal Pals. That’s right: A Golden Girls themed party!


Oh I do love some good invitations. Rose, Blanche, Dorothy, and Sophia resided in Miami and I wanted to bring that tropical flair to the invitations, especially in snowy Michigan.

Remember – your invitation is the first introduction to your theme. My motto: Go Big. Excite your guests by sharing the theme in any way possible. This is the first impression of your party and you want to make sure the theme is very clear.

You bet your vertubenflugen that I harnessed my inner Rose and Sophia to provide party details. Picture it… Michigan…


Wanting to embrace Miami, I went tropical. Very tropical. From the placements to a “Thank You for Being a Friend” banner – I transformed my Michigan landscape into Miami. This included crepe paper and a special tribute to Stan – with his Dorothy-monkey-traffic cone.


Of course there are DIYs! I made some custom treat bags, Golden Girl wine glasses, and a fun tropical wreath.

Here’s the tutorial on the treat bags!

Inspired by Ken Wingard’s wreath.


For games, we are are fortunate to a resurgence of Golden Girls! We played Clue and Anyway You Slice It – the trivia game.

Photo Booth

I used my green screen to create a custom backdrop for my guests. From there, I added the Golden Girl’s kitchen and living room to the background. Once printed – I mailed these as a fond memory for the guests.


The menu is the most important aspect to any party. Hone in on the theme: Sicilian pizza, cheese balls, and cheese cake. Of course – cheese cake.

Here are some of my favorite recipes:



Cheese balls

The party was an absolute hit, and I highly recommend embracing your inner Golden Girl to throw this awesome party! It’s great for birthdays, girl weekends, and Galentine’s Day!

Thank you for being a friend!

xo love kim


2 responses to “Golden Girls Party”

  1. Melanie Avatar

    Hello Kim!
    I love this party idea! I hope to throw my own Golden Girls party and this helps so much. Could you give me some details on how you made the photos using the backgrounds? Thank you!

    1. xolovekim Avatar

      Yeah absolutely! I recommend using Canva to remove the background of photos. It’s part of the pro-plan (I think it’s like $10 a month) and really easy to use. You just upload the photo (I recommend a plan background for easy-to-remove) and canva will do the rest. You can find Golden Girl photos online or browse the catalog available in Canva. It’s definitely the easiest to use for background removal. Hopefully this helps – thanks for visiting!!

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