Fabric Embellishment

Guys! I’m so excited about this tutorial. Did you know it’s super easy to decorate a bag with fabric? You can turn a bland bag into a fab bag in no time.

For my Golden Girls Extravaganza, I used this method for the party favors – you know I love party favors.


Fabric (I used this tropical fabric with shapes to easily cut out)

Mod Podge “Fabric”

Tote bag (I used a plan white canvas bag)


Paint brush

(For the letters “straight out of shady pines” I used my Cricut + iron on paper. You can use stencils and paint – or more fabric.)


Cut out the shapes from your fabric.

A good tip: Straight edges will help with the edges on the bag.

Paint the Mod Podge on the back of the cut out fabric and place in the desired location on the bag. Smooth out and paint Mod Podge on the front.

Allow to dry – and you’re done!

It’s honestly that easy. You can make custom bags that are amazing!

Happy crafting!

xo love kim


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