Free/Inexpensive Fun

Saving money? Me too. It’s awful, right? Not necessarily… Here are my tips to survive the itch of spending money!


Baking is my #1 go to for everything. It’s relaxing and delicious. Learn to recipes or go back to old favorites – either way, baking 100% helps keep you preoccupied.


Yes! Clean your house. If you’re anything like me, you’ve got hidden treasures hidden away in boxes in your basement. You may find something you can sell or fall in love all over again with an old hobby.

Read & Write

Start reading and writing. No arithmetic. Just distract yourself from Target and start writing that novel you always wanted. Trust me – not going to Target saves you a lot of money and time.


Giving back absolutely helps you feel good and distracts from the sales. Spend time helping those who are in need – you’ll realize that you don’t actually need those shoes.

Here’s a great website to help you find some great volunteer opportunities.

Free Events

Every town has free (or inexpensive) events happening in the community. Rather is be a free museum or concert – your town may be jammed pack with great activities.

Here’s a great article on resources to find around town.

Movie Night

Find some new movie on Netflix or the library and create a fun date night without spending a fortune. Let’s be honest – going to the movies can cost $50 plus… Movies at home – next to nothing. And pants aren’t required.

Hopefully these tips help you through while you’re saving money!

xo love kim


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