Winter Blues

Ugh – it’s that terrible point in winter where the holidays have ended, and we still have 2-3 more months of icy cold, grey skied days. Our decorations our down and the house feels sad, like it too is striving to survive until spring. The bitter cold continuously battling the outside walls and leaving us stuck inside, bored, and daydreaming of summer nights cooking out, days on the beach, and playing golf.

Have no fear though – there is hope. Here are 10 things that will help you survive winter and look forward to staying in!


I’ll be honest, I was a nay-sayer on puzzles. Who wants to spend the time to put a picture together? But honestly – it’s frustrating and fun! Challenge yourself to find the most pieces, select a picture that speaks to you, and spend time with friends and family to complete the picture.

Our current puzzle

You can also upload your own photos into puzzles! From my research – Walmart has the most affordable price.


Crafting is a limitless venture that can teach you new skills, help improve your house, and keep you super busy.  Create some décor for your home (check out this tutorial from Home and Family) and making paper banners can be an easy and fun way to spice up your space.  Craft to make gifts for loved ones (check out this soap tutorial or shadow box) or yourself!

Spa Day/Bath Bombs – DIY

Winter can be a real bummer on your skin. The cold air sucks all of moisture, leaving you dry and grumpy. Make (see tutorial here) or buy some bath bombs and treat yo’ self to a nice, moisturizing bath. Take this a step further and make a whole spa day out of it. Check out these DIYs to 1) craft your own and 2) treat yo’ self.

Invite friends over and make it a party!


Reflection always seems to be a strong theme this time of year. Keep your memories in a beautiful scrapbook. You can create beautiful keepsakes and look back on times of joy.

My idol


Crack open a new book (or a forgotten loved one) and escape into a fantasy land. This is also a great time to connect to friends and share/swap books.

Highly recommend


Rather you take a blank canvas or a blank wall in your house – break out paint brushes and create something beautiful. Painting is: 1) a craft 2) a possible gift 3) a new thing to learn 4) a way to exercise and understand your emotions.


Get a jump on your spring cleaning, and start tackling different spaces throughout your house. Being proactive on your cleaning will help free up time in the summer to do things you really want (yass!) and maybe spark a plan for a garage sale.

I’ve developed a cleaning schedule for everyday of the week, which helps alleviate the need to clean on the weekends. This allows Matt and I to spend our Saturdays focused on date night instead of maid service.

Our cleaning schedule

Additionally, I’ve started a 20-book project on FB. Basically – if someone copies my wall posting on their wall, I will send them a book – and they give one back! I’ve been collecting books for years, and I need to give some a new life. I’m going to be giving some of the books away, which feels good and helps me declutter.

Plan Your Next Party

Sure, the top part season fell within October through December – but we’ve got 9 more months to party down. Take this time to plan your next party, which personally brings me so much joy (no surprise). Here’s some ideas to get you started:


Birthday, baby shower, Valentine’s Day, just because


Bob Ross Painting Party, Golden Girls, Oscars, etc.


Winter dinner party anyone? You can do so much with food. Let your theme take you!

Write Letters

Connecting with loved ones is so wonderful, and the art of sending a letter (or care package) is a great way to do it. Personally, I hate talking on the phone. It’s the worst. Writing a letter allows me to let someone know that I’m thinking about them without the added pressure of having the talk to them. Okay, okay, that sounds bad – but you know what I’m saying.

Here’s some tips for writing letters.

Here’s some tips on care packages.

Bonus – DIY/Paint some custom cards and send them out. Or – send a book to a friend 


To me, winter is all about having warm, hearty meals. Take this time to learn a new recipe and make something warm and delicious. One of my goals this year is to learn how to cook French. Buzzfeed has a great article on the top French recipes you should try – here’s the link.

Cravings – another recommendation

Baking is my absolute favorite thing to do. It helps me relax and cookies are delicious. Bake some goodies to eat or share (check out this recipe).  

Movie Night

Cozying up with a great movie is not new. Nothing beats wrapping yourself in a warm blanket and binging some awesome movies. My recommendation is to take it up a notch. Create an experience: snacks, atmosphere, drinks, and movies.

Start with a charcuterie and add some wine. An adult movie night is always nice.

Now pull out your favorite blankets and pillows, dim the lights, get cozy, and pop on your movie.

Create hygge.

These tips will definitely help you stay cozy and have fun during the long winter months.

Hopefully this warms your heart and helps you survive the cold!

Xo love kim


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