Care Package 101

You know I’m a huge fan of mail, and if not… check out these posts. Sending care packages is 100% included in this – and I love sending them. So much. A care package is exactly what it sounds like: a package of care. You carefully select items to curate a simple message of love. In this post, I’ll help you build a simple and lovely care package.

Start with the simple: who is the recipient?

Now – let’s explore why are you sending this? Just because, birthday, holiday, get well, military, etc?

From here – you can start to build your package around the theme. Remember – you don’t have the spend a fortune – DIY gifts are a great addition to any care package.

When buying supplies, ask – is there something that I would want if I were in this situation? Is there something the recipient needs?

Follow the Four F’s:

Food: Send snacks, candy, cookies, or other treats.

Fun: Send an activity, a puzzle, word games, movie, book

Feeling: Send something that shows that you care about this person.

Fashion: This is optional but comes in handy when you’re sending someone something. Maybe it’s a shirt, a tote, or socks. Socks you say? This is always a welcome gift for military or someone who is sick.

Happy mailing!

xo love kim


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