DIY Tea Towels

Tea Towel

I’m so excited about this DIY and can’t wait to share it with you! You can transfer photos onto tea towels (or pillows, aprons, etc) and gift something really memorable. 


Fabric (tea towels, aprons, etc)

Mod Podge Photo Transfer

Printed image/photo copy (if you’re using something with handwriting, make sure it’s mirrored)

Paint brush


Puffy paint (optional)


On your photo copy – paint the Mod Podge on the side with the image. Press and smooth onto your fabric. Allow to dry for 24 hours. Use damp sponge and gently remove the paper. Decorate with puffy paint if desired.

Seriously – it’s that easy. I want to stress gently – as I was not gentle and tore the edges… hence the use of puffy paint. Allow to fully dry and you can wash it in 72 hours. 

Super easy and reasonable: The tea-towels were $15 for 15 and the mod podge was $10. I used all of the towels (and have way more photo transfer left over… which equals to $1.70/towel. 

Um – awesome gift and reasonable and thoughtful – yes. 

Adding the Mod Podge – you definitely don’t need this much!
Smooth it. Sing “Smooth Criminal” for help!
Remove the paper

Happy crafting!

xo love kim


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