Christmas Cards

Christmas card stack

As you know – I’m a huge supporter of tradition, and sending Christmas cards falls into two of my favorite categories: tradition and mail.  Every year, I look forward to sitting down with a cup of hot cocoa and writing personal messages of well-wishes to our friends and family. 

Writing Christmas Cards
Sending love and holiday cheer!

Confession: I have a large collection of holiday cards that are stored in a Vera Bradley bag. Tons and tons of cards.  It’s a collection I’ve been accumulating over the years, for the “just in case I need a last minute Christmas card” and “OMG – this design is so cute. I need it” or the “I’m at Target – they’re on sale!” moments that happen. 

Well, this year after a failed Christmas photo shoot (it wasn’t thought out and neither of us were feeling it… ), I decided to start using some of these gems. 

Stacks of cards.

Fortunately, there’s still time to mail out your Christmas cards without being gosh. Here are three quick tips to nailing this tradition: 

Option One: 

Go to your local store (or order online) and find a value pack of Christmas cards. Write some love – and send them on their way.  This is the easiest, and moderately cheap method. 

The worst. And usually unavoidable. 

Option Two:

Take some adorable selfies and have custom holiday cards printed. You are running out of time to do this. You can always do a 1-hour photo and glue them… but full on Christmas cards will take awhile to arrive. Surprisingly, this isn’t always easy. There’s a lot of planning and positioning that goes into this. Not to mention – if you’re like me… Your face doesn’t always cooperate like it should. 

I’m going to argue that this is one of the harder methods and can add up fairly quickly. Cheapest success: Easy to upload and they got here fairly quickly last year. Even easier to complete if you have some photo editing software on your phone. I used SplitPro and FontCandy for the deluxe 2017 Hail Santa Christmas cards. 

2017 Hail Santa Christmas Card  – silly, but we had fun.

Option Three:

Nothing says love like a homemade card! You could absolutely swing this, especially if you want to get your kids involved. Simply grab some blank cards and grab your DIY utensils and get started. People will cherish these! Take one day to complete – fairly inexpensive… just wicked time consuming. Glitter glue takes FOREVER to dry. 

What To Write? 

Writing the love. 

This can be challenging: “Hey – Merry Christmas. Love, Me” works – I’ll be honest. BUT it doesn’t hurt to get a little more personal with it. 

Dear xx,

I hope you have a wonderful holiday and even better new year. I’ve (had some fond memories with you… wished I would have gotten to see you… ) – hopefully we can (do it again… see each other more….) in 2019. 

Well wishes!



See – short and sweet – but also offering that little bit of love. 

You’ve still got time! Send some Christmas joy the old fashioned way.

xo love kim


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