10-Minute Makeover for the Holidays: Takeover

Special guest blogger, Jayme Grant, is here with quick tips to be glam and fab for the holidays.

It’s almost 5 o’clock on Thanksgiving Day. You just put finishing touches on the dinner table settings and your feeling pretty damn successful. While you’re standing there admiring your work, you realize that your hair’s a mess, you have stuffing under your finger nails, and you’re still wearing the same sweats you wore to sleep last night with 10 minutes to pull yourself together before your guests arrive. The anxiety sets in and you can feel tears begin to sting in your eyes, and you fight them back say “Nope, I’ve got this!”

If you can relate to this story, then please allow me to be your guide to getting party ready in 10 minutes.

Find your perfect sweater! Keep in mind different styles of sweater can bring different elements to the table. Here are some examples below:

Sweater necks are key to what element you’re bringing to the table.

  • If you’re leaning more towards a classier/cute vibe for your sweater, definitely go with a turtle neck. For one, turtle necks are trending right now and open back sweaters give your look a more youthful spin. *Wear a black or white tank under the open back if you’re uncomfortable wearing open skin
  • The off the shoulder and the over-sized can easily look either super lax or really trendy. I would recommend dressing these pieces up with either  scarf or some chunky jewelry to really give that chic factor to your outfit
  • Color-block/pattern sweaters are a great way to give your outfit some pop and the bolder the colors – the better! *Careful with jewelry with bold colored sweaters. Don’t overdo it! Sometimes, less is best; so, with the color block/pattern – pair it with simple jewelry so your outfit isn’t too busy
  • Last, but not least, you can never go wrong with a classic cardigan. Wear a simple white or black tank under your cardigan and some dainty jewelry – then BAM. You look super cute.

Also a great way to make these sweaters also look trendy is to tuck them in just the front. This adds the chic factor.

Now, let’s talk pants. Obviously a black pair of leggings is always a great default to any sweater, but I want to talk about jeans. It is fall, so I tend to stay in the dark wash realm this time of year, but of course, it is completely dealer’s choice.

My two personal favorite types of jeans that pair perfectly with sweaters are the boyfriend and simple skinny:

  • The boyfriend will embody the comfy chic look you’re looking for. My best advice is tucking the front of your sweater into the jeans and letting the rest of the sweater hang.
  • Skinny jeans are forever! You can never go wrong with skinny jeans, especially when they come in different types of material that go from normal denim to nice stretchy rayon. The beauty of skinny jean is that despite the name, they accommodate all body sizes.

Don’t forget your shoes!

Pair this outfit with a neutral or black pair of tall boots, booties, loafers, or flats.

Okay, so what about your hair and makeup?

I got you! We’ll make it through this together.  My hair go to’s for the “comfy chic” look are…. messy buns! Or ballerina buns.

No some quick makeup. I would suggest a very natural skinned, minimal eye makeup, and a bold lip.

Remember, we only have 5 minutes to make the look come together. Now makeup wise I would suggest:

  • Mascara to make those eyes pop
  • Some blush on the apples of your cheeks for a natural warmth
  • And, of course, lipstick. It’s fall so reds, browns, and purples are my go-to.

Now, look at you Queen. Looking hella trendy – way to go.

Go answer that doorbell – you look beautiful!

xo love


Jayme is a body-positive influencer who knows fashion, makeup, and all things beauty.

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