Thank You Notes

I always get lost in tradition. There’s something embedded in the fabric of our souls, our society that weaves us all together – that’s tradition. We get so lost sometimes, but when we return home, there’s peace. That’s a little dramatic for an introduction to thank you cards – but the tradition of sending a handwritten thank you note is a lost art. It seems so rare these days when a simple text “THX” can be cleared in under a minute. How sad?

So – when should a thank you card get sent? How do you write a thank you note? What do I even need? Can my kids be involved? Do I have to?

Alright, alright – I promise it isn’t that bad. Once you sit down and begin writing, the warmth that will grow within you is extraordinary.

When To Send:

Time time frame is really contingent on why you’re sending the thank you. Classic etiquette suggests the following:

  • Receiving a gift: 1-2 days
    • Wedding gift: 6 weeks
    • Christmas gift: 4 weeks
    • Wedding shower: 1 week
  • Job interview: 24 hours
  • Graduation gifts: 4 weeks

It isn’t necessary to send a hostess a thank you, unless you were the guest of honor. I do recommend bring a bottle of wine, candy, or flowers as a thank you when you arrive to a dinner party.

What To Say:

For a gift

Dear ________,

Thank you so much for the thoughtful _________. I cannot wait to (use, create, enjoy, etc.) ____________. (This is a great time to say what you’re looking forward to doing or what memories you’ll be creating with the object, depending on what it is). 

I really appreciate the thoughtful gift. 

Hope to see you soon.



For a host/hostess:

Dear ______,

Thank you so much for throwing a wonderful party – we had a great time. Dinner was incredible and we really appreciate everything you did! I’ll have to get the recipe for the ______ from you. 

Looking forward to getting together again soon.




You can always pick up great thank you notes at Target or your local Hallmark store. To start your kids of early – grab blank cards and have them color on them. Or get yourself in the DIY mix and test out your crafting. I love adding that personal touch, and honestly, it means more to the recipient of the card.

When a Text Works:

It is 2018 – and texts do come in handy to show your gratitude. Throw a text after a big party (like the Halloween party we hosted) and that should be 100% clear.


Happy writing!

xo love kim



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