Darling Thanksgiving Tablescape

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Tablescapes are a festive (and easy!) way to decorate for your holiday dinners. The best part? You can do anything! You can make a showstopping centerpiece or create a simple and elegant ambiance to create a cozy environment for your dining guests.  For our crisp, autumn days ahead – I wanted to create a cozy environment that brought in the colors, warmth, and feel of the harvest. Bringing in natural tones with gold accents.

For the entire table decor, I spent less than $40 at Target and… wait for it… the dollar store. My rule is to always (or at least always try) to buy items that I can reuse for a multitude of occasions.

Here’s how I built this table – perfect for Thanksgiving, and will lead you right into Christmas (with a few adjustments):

  • Start with a base, for this I utilized a white table cloth. This was a Target purchase, and was only $14.99.
    • Here’s what I like about it:
      • It’s the perfect size
      • There’s no texture (no sewn in flowers, etc.)
      • Great quality
      • I’ve used this for almost every party and it’s held up beyond
      • Easy to wash
  • Layer on a table runner
    • I wanted to keep this fairly neutral, but wanted there be a little add gold flair added in (make it pop)
      • You can buy some great runners at Target or DIY
  • Add chargers and plates
    • This is a great opportunity to utilize your inherited fine china
      • If you don’t have any (or don’t have enough)- go to the Dollar Store. Seriously:
        • Chargers can get REALLY expensive. I’ve found them upwards of $4.99 for one at craft stores. Go to your local dollar store, and you can find these great chargers (the same as the big box stores), for $1 a piece.
        • The gold rimmed plates bring in the special pop -and were only a dollar
The green glasses came from the dollar store too!

  • Cloth napkins
    • Cloth napkins add a little extra to your dinner. I agree that they’re not practical for everyday use, but absolutely make the dinner feel a bit more boujee, but hey, why not?
  • Decor
    • For the harvest, I added faux glitter gourds which can be purchased at any craft store.
      • Add lights or led candles for a little bit more warmth

  • Fun add-ons
    • Salt and pepper shakers can add a little bit of fun to your table.
      • The great news – you can find amazing and themed salt and pepper shakers that will add
        • For this table, a t-rex in a bow tie wins.


Here’s a photo of the pull tablescape utilized for Thanksgiving a few years back. I used my inherited fine china and dollar store plates.

Please excuse the lawn furniture – it was a large crowd.

Happy decorating.

xo love kim



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