Spooky Halloween Games

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My friends love a good party game, who doesn’t? The challenge comes in for the hostess – deciding the best game(s) to fit the ambiance of the party.

Well, for our seance themed Halloween party, I knew that our friends loved a good drinking game. Past parties would always result in the classic drinking games with a deck of cards – but it’s Halloween, so I brought out the Tarot deck. Fortunately, the Tarot deck is aligned with any deck of cards – but has bonus options for more fun.

Additionally, I wanted to utilize my glow-in-the-dark Ouija board – so I hit the internet. It turns out that there are Ouija boards that are altered for drinking, but I honestly didn’t want to spend the money – so I made my own. I had a piece of craft wood and my wood burning tool, and made up my own rules. It was a super fun and easy DIY that worked out really well. I just used the planchette from my Ouija board to drive the fun.


Here are the rules for the tarot game:

Tarot Drinking Game Rules


Our guests loved playing the games and they were both huge hits. Surprisingly, the “bucket” was rather tasty. Good luck!

Happy planning!

xo love kim




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