DIY Spooky Ghosts


This super spooky ghost DIY is the perfect addition to your Halloween party.

This project is wicked easy and the adds the perfect amount of fright to any party. This DIY was inspired by Martha Stewart’s Cheesecloth Spirits, with a few alterations. The alterations you ask? Well, to start – I did this DIY on a budget. Styrofoam heads are $7.99 a piece, which isn’t that much – but that’s money that I could push towards other party supplies. I’m frugal – but can I say? Not to mention – they look pretty spooky without the base AND you can add lights underneath to create a spooky effect.


  • Styrofoam head
  • Cheese cloth
  • Mod Podge (regular and Stiffy)
  • Foam craft brush
  • Plastic wrap


Step One:

Wrap the head in saran wrap.

Step Two:

Coat the saran wrapped head in a layer of regular Mod Podge with your foam brush.

Step Three:

Add a layer of cheese cloth

Step Four:

Coat in the Stiffy with your foam brush and allow to dry.

Step Five:

Repeat steps three and four 4-5 times.

Step Six:

Once dry, cut a slit into the back of the head.

Finishing Touches/Suggestions:

Hang with fishing line and add glow-sticks or lights underneath. This will look incredible under black lights.

Happy haunting.

xo love kim


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