Spooky Spirit Party Invite

Raise your spirits, with spirits.

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This Halloween, we throwing a seance inspired cocktail party. Honestly, I’m stoked! I cannot wait to turn our home into a haunted house. We’ve been planning this party for weeks and we’re going to really embrace the theme in every detail.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, invitations are key to set the tone of your party. Seances, fortune tellers,  and spirits offer a lot of opportunity to play with – but for this particular invite – I wanted to do a throwback to the classic seance you would see in old spooky photographs.

To create this invitation, I utilized my Cricut to cut out the seance scene. An alternative would be to print and glue onto a card.

A planchette as a calendar reminder!

Here are the supplies:


Black construction paper

Blank cards

Cricut glitter vinyl (for planchette calendar reminder)


Postcards (for the RSVP cards)


I simply cut out the selected photo from the Cricut and glued it onto the blank card. From there – I stamped all of the details: Who, when, where, what and added in the planchette sticker for good measure.

The RSVP cards were hand painted tarot cards (with water color) on blank postcards.

RSVP Cards.

Happy Haunting!

xo love kim


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