Fan Girl Confession

Confession time: I’m a fan girl of Hallmark Channel’s DIY and food talk show. If you know me personally – you’ll often hear me say, “Today on Home and Family…” and, “Oh – check out this cool DIY from Home and Family…” and my personal favorite, “DUUUUDDDDEEE…. Ken, from Home and Family, liked my comment!”

A lot of people will cast shade on this, but I don’t care. I discovered this show when I was at a really low place in life: work wasn’t going so well (long story), I lived alone, and to be honest – nothing was aligned. I was staying up all night, eating too much cheese, and bummed.

That’s when it happened – I was expecting some Countdown to Christmas and got Home and Family instead. This show – as dramatic as it sounds – brought me back to life.

Here’s why I’m sharing this: I did a DIY to send them a fan girl thank you.

There are a lot of cast members – so getting the detail didn’t really work. BUT all you need is:

  • A projector (I borrowed one from work)
  • Pencil
  • Canvas
  • Paint (I used water color, acrylic, and wax crayons)

Project your image onto the canvas and trace. After – let those creative juices flow. I love water color on canvas – I think it’s fun – but do what feels right.

I know this post is a little out of the norm and there’s feelings (gross :)) involved – but it’s important. I’m actually pretty nervous, because I dropped it into the post office today! Fingers crossed that they love it (and aren’t creeped out by it).

Thanks so much – keep crafting!

xo love kim




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