Soap Tutorial

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Making soap is a fun and easy DIY – especially using the melt and pour method! Homemade soap serves as a great party favor or gift – and nothing is more appreciated that a homemade gift. Seriously – this simple DIY is a real stunner.

Supply list:

  • Melt and pour soap (I prefer goat’s milk and olive oil)
  • Molds
  • Soap dye
  • Scent (for this I used coffee. There are a ton of options out there – check out Bramble Berry for some amazing scents.)
  • Microwavable-safe dish
  • Add-ins (Optional. Use coffee beans, rubber duckies, etc)

1) Start by chopping your soap

2) Add it into your microwave safe dish

3) Microwave for 30 second intervals

4) Stir frequently

5) Microwave until smooth

6) Add your scent into the melted soap

7) Add your add-ins into the mold

8) Pour soap into mold (only fill half way if doing layered soap)

9) Allow to harden

10) Follow steps 1-6 for olive oil soap. When adding in the scent – add color as well.

11) Pour over white soap.

12) Allow to dry and enjoy!

Wicked easy and super fun! Your guests, friends, and family will 100% appreciate your thoughtful gift.

xo love Kim




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