Glitter + Tray = Fun DIY

When I was hosting a tea party, I decided I needed a three-tier tray (think classic tea party style) that fit my budget (which was nothing). I scoured the stores and the internet but couldn’t find anything that matched my budget.

What does a girl do? She DIYs her own! And adds a ton of glitter… because it’s glitter. Here’s instructions on how to add the glitter and secure glass to glass!

Here’s the supplies:

  • Dollar store plate(s)
  • Glitter
  • ModPodge
  • e6000
  • Candlestick, figurine, etc
  • Paint brush or sponge

Be warned: this DIY can be very messy. I may or may not have spilled a TON of glitter on the carpet, and opted to do this DIY on newspaper in the backyard. Also – my S.O. does not like glitter. He hates it.

Step One: Clean your supplies

Step Two: Add ModPodge to the back of your plate (this is important, especially if serving food on the tray)

Step Three: Add glitter

Step Four: Allow to dry

Step Five: Brush off excess glitter. Coat with ModPodge to seal. (If you want to add more glitter – this is the time to do it.)

Step Six: Allow to dry

Step Seven: If you want to add a figurine, follow steps 1-6.

Step Eight: Use E6000 (MIRACLE GLUE). Add it on the plate and secure your figurine, candle stick… etc.

This turns into an inexpensive and awesome DIY.

Happy crafting!

xo love kim


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