Jaws Viewing Party

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After perusing the internet, I kept coming across people floating in lakes and watching Jaws on the big screen. Kind of like a float-in movie. Jaws is iconic. I’m sure you can hear the music now, dun dun… dun dun… Classic. This would become the new summer tradition.

The only problem: I don’t live on a lake (bummer, I know!). BUT I do have a friend with a pool…

The stage was set:

We were ready to float in the pool and watch Jaws projected on the side of the house.

But, in true party-planning fashion – you must learn to except the unexpected. The night of the party was the first night of the weather shift… We went from 80 to 60, and instead of floating, we sat near a bonfire. While the night did not go as planned, we still have a shark of a time.

The moral of the story: when you’ve got good friends, don’t let the weather stop you from celebrating.

xo love kim




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