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Elevate your celebrations, create meals to remember, and amuse yourself with the antics of a Midwestern cat mom.


Throwing a great party is a passion. The details, from invitations to favors, are all captured to create a party everyone will remember.

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Cooking and baking delight, one ingredient at a time. From classics to reinvented favorites, search recipes that will delight your table.

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Fiction, non-fiction, and everything in between. Follow along as I navigate life, relationships, homeownership, and more.

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Need Advice?

Having relationship issues? Need the perfect gift? Is the hustle at work not working? I’m all ears and here to spill the tea, share experience, and provide guidance.


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  • Fiction

    Hello! Thank you for visiting the Fiction section of my blog. This has been a life-long dream, to be a writer. In this section, you’ll find short-stories, poems, and more. Enjoy!

  • Advice

    One of my beautiful readers had asked: My mother-in-law hosts beautiful dinners but doesn’t ask for help. I feel terrible not bringing a side or anything. What’s the best hostess gift to bring to a dinner party? Helpless Dinner Guest Dear Helpless Dinner Guest, First of all, thank you for…

  • Sunday Musings 100123

    Well, well, well if it isn’t October. I’m sorry I haven’t posted but here we are. It’s not like I haven’t thought about it – it’s just… just. Laziness. Discontent. Disconnected inspiration. Anyways – here’s to our new era. The era of self discovery and appreciation of self. If you’ve…